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About the Photographer:

Mimi Walling has more than a casual interest in birds. She feels that birds are one of the most fascinating creatures on this planet. Living with birds for over 20 years has allowed Mimi to understand a bird's body language and predict the variety of behaviors that will follow their movements. Her extensive understanding of bird behavior, along with her patience and timing, consistently produces great avian photographic images, whether in the wild or in the studio.

During a trip to Peru to view wild macaws, she became very interested in photographing the magnificent birds that were seen through the scope. Numerous years of photography and computer imaging classes followed, allowing her to develop a crafted understanding of the photographic process. Today, Mimi has the creative capabilities of photographing, scanning, retouching, and printing companion bird portraits that are equally as beautiful as any human portrait. There are many colored and/or hand-painted photographic backdrops available for studio or location portraits. The variety of selections available for photographic print paper surfaces range from high gloss photo paper to beautifully textured watercolor papers.

Mimi shares her home in South Florida with three macaws that have adopted her for life. You will always find at least one of these macaws close by, providing avian supervision for any household chore, photographic activity, or computer project that's in process.







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