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Tips For Better Bird Portraits

By Mimi Walling

1. Clean feathers are always bright and shiny. Give your bird a warm shower at least a couple days before your bird's portrait session. Use a spray bottle on a very fine spray or even bring your bird into your shower with you on a T-stand or shower perch. Don't be afraid to gently drench the feathers as long as your bird is put in a warm area afterward. Getting a bird's feathers wet stimulates preening, which makes feathers look and perform their best.

2. Bring your companion bird's favorite treats to the portrait session. Not only can you reward your bird for posing, but eating the treats will allow the bird to forget that it's in a strange environment and loosen up. Relaxed body language is a must for a successful pet bird portrait.

3. Allow lots and lots of time. Just like people, a bird can be awkward and stiff at the beginning of a photo session. Allowing time for your bird to relax and forget about "performing" is the very best way to get great natural poses.

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